Course Overview


In this intensive course you will be smoothly driven from web beginner into a professional front end (FE) / user interface (UI) developer.

General Info

  • Duration: 152 hours.
  • Prerequisite: Basic internet and computer knowledge.
  • Career: Front End Developer / User Interface Developer / Web Designer.
  • Cost: 4900 Egyptian Pound.

Course Outline

1- Introduction to web development world 2 hours
2- Web development career & paths 2 hours
3- HTML5 basics 16 hours
4- Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3) basics 16 hours
5- HTML5/CSS3 beyond the basics 12 hours
6- HTML5 Forms 4 hours
7- Web Design versus UI Development 4 hours
8- Introduction to JavaScript 8 hours
9- JavaScript essentials 32 hours
10- JavaScript library - JQuery 12 hours
11- Bootstrap 8 hours
12- WordPress essentials 12 hours
13- Understanding AJAX Requests 8 hours
14- Project: Design a complete personal website. 12 hours
15- Polishing Your Career 4 hours

Ashraf Emam – Your Trainer

Ashraf has a hands-on experience in the web filed and web application development for over than a decade, and he is well know for simplifying the sophistication of the course to the level that makes it both professional and yet super easy.

Ashraf is a “Microsoft Certified Trainer” which means he is well-trained to deliver the course content in an academic manner.

Ashraf also delivered many websites and web applications for Real Estate, Cosmetics, Medical, Industrial and Petrochemicals companies.

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