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  • Subject:  شهادة الموارد البشرية
  • Duration: 10 days – 5 hours per day
  • Location: Global Technical Services HO.
  • Description:

إذا كنت تبحث عن تطوير إدارة الموارد البشرية بشركتك و تبحث عن تعلم إنشاء إدارة الموارد البشرية
جلوبال تكنيكال سيرفس تقدم لكم شهادة الموارد البشريه المحترفه التى تناسب مديرى الموارد البشريه
والمرشحين لشغل هذه الوظيفه ، شهاده تطبيقيه شامله تساعد كل مرشح لمعرفة كيفية بناء إدارة موارد بشرية محترفة

  • What you’ll learn:
    1. HRM INFRESTRUCTURE الإدارة الاستراتيجيه للموارد البشرية
    2. دور إدارة الموارد البشرية كشريك استراتيجي
    3. ORGANIZITION CHART التنظيم الإدارى وإعداد الهياكل التنظيميه
    4. JOB DISCRPTION تحليل ووصف الوظائف
    5. HR RECRUITMENT الاستقطاب والاختيار والتعيين والتوجيه
    6. TRINING التعليم والتدريب والتعلم
    7. HR PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL إدارة تقويم الاداء
    8. HR COMPENSATION الأجور
    9. الأمن والسلامه المهنيه
    10. التأمينات الاجتماعية



To start training please send your data and if you have want any explanation ask us.

    @ Global Technical Services

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      About Training

      Global Technical Services Training Department is led by a team of respected specialists who have experienced the challenges of developing world-class talent, and learning specialists who understand the requirements of the manufacturing sector. We are able to draw on a wealth of world class resources, links and partnerships to create a flexible approach to learning and development that is tailored to your business needs.

      To support this ideology Global Training Centre uses the latest multimedia to facilitate the training and to replicate real world site setups in dedicated training rooms. Our fully interactive courses utilize the latest white board technologies and workstations. To support students further, Global Training Centre run courses using full systems and integrated systems hardware .

      Training Court


      Experts network

      Our training includes a specialized group of trainers in all management and technical courses.

      Global Experts work in roles directly related to the subject areas they teach, either as employees or as freelancers. This means that not only are they very experienced, but also that they are up-to-date with the latest developments and issues in the industry. They bring this unique knowledge and experience to the courses they teach.


      For Groups

      If you have more trainees who would benefit from the same course, make the most of your budget with our in-house training program. We will help you to develop your team’s performance with training delivered at your office and tailored to your organization’s needs.

      We Can

      Come to You

      All of our training courses can be delivered at your office at a time and date that suits you and your colleagues. As long as you have 15-20 trainees, in-company training becomes the most cost effective option.

      We work across Egypt, Gulf and internationally, we can deliver one of our standard courses, or build an event that is tailor-made for you.



      Looking for a bespoke learning solution for your organization? We can work with you to tailor our courses to suit your needs. We can look at your competencies, behaviors, style guides and strategic plans to make sure the course is specifically targeted to your learners. They’ll also know that out trainer has a proper understanding of your organization’s unique culture and challenges.



      We’ve created a relaxing and comfortable space in which you can feel free to learn at your own pace and ask questions in confidence.

      We want everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed with us so if you have a specific access, learning requirement, just let us know and we will do our best to make your day fuss free.

      Our training suite is at 16 A from 300 Street New Maddi and open from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Sunday to Thursday. We recommend learners arrive by 8:30 am so you can sign-in at reception and order your cake, Danish and coffee break If you have any special access requirements please inform us in advance so we can accommodate your needs.

      You Won't

      Go Hungry

      You’re sure to be well-fed when you attend a course with us. We provide a light, healthy breakfast, freshly-made hot lunches, healthy (and not so healthy) snacks, coffee and a selection of teas and coffee.

      We want to ensure you that you don’t have to worry about anything when you come on a course with us. Our facilities include free Wi-Fi access, reference books, magazines, gender neutral bathrooms, newspapers, air conditioning, material bags, and Equipment training rooms, places to pray.

      Training Moments

      ' Training enables growth for employees across any number of industries. Employees who receive training tend to perform better than those who receive no training and also tend to feel more fulfilled. As such, training and leadership development should be made available to all employees. '

      Scheduled Courses

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      Training Courses

      Accident analysisPermits System
      Safety Leadership trainingAdvanced Distributed control systems
      PLC - Application on Safety PLC SystemsSCADA Fundamentals
      Advanced Process control TechniquesPLC Basics
      Scaffoiding Awareness and OSHA ScaffoldingAir-Conditioning
      PLC Training InstructorSIL (basics - calculation)
      Alarm Handling ManagementPLC, DCS and Scada Overview
      SMART Instrumentation TechnologyApplication - Fundamentals for Engineering
      power plant "Instruments and control systems"Standard instrumentation and control documentation
      Application - Specific System EngineeringProcess Analyzers
      Automatic Sprinkkler SystemProcess Control and Instrumentation
      Tiredness and FatigueBasic Corrosion
      process control for Production OperatorsTurbine control system
      Boiler Control SystemProtection of M.V.Substation
      Understanding Codes and StandardsCalibration of Flow & Temperature instruments
      protective Coatings & LiningValves Sizing, selecting and Maintaining
      Calibration of Level & Pressure InstrumentsRadiation Protection
      Waste Managementcathodic protection fundamentals
      Chemical Hazards - COSHHCleanliness and Hygiene
      control valves and ActuatorsDCS application for engineers
      DCS System MaintenanceDesalination technology control and instrumentation
      Subsea Control system (main subsea equipment)Distributed control system Fundamentals
      Examples for calibration using plant Resource managementExamples for calibration using PRM
      Examples for callbration using plant resource managementFire Detection / Fire Alarm Fundamentals
      Fiscal Meteing systemFundamentals of Field bus
      Implementing enterprise control integrationinstrumentation in Hazardous area
      integrated control system Fundamentais
      Stratigec ManagementThe Art of leadership
      How to prepare your organization for crisesModern tools and techniques to motivate employees
      Time Management Innovative thinking in crisis management
      Leadership and strategic changeWriting reports and methods of presentation and display
      Planning and management of job contraction programmesSkills to deal with Presidents
      Managing effective meetings and committeesInnovative approach in crisis and disaster management
      Management audit and enterprise performance appraisal systemsManagement of the mind and the secrets of the human brain and neuro-linguistic programming
      How does learn management with Six Sigma methodProblem solving and decision making
      Leadership skills for new managersCrisis management and positive decisions
      Excellence in preparation and drafting reports and correspondence managementCapabilities for dealing with others
      How to go from an Executive to a strategic thinkerPlanning skills and follow up the implementation of the work
      Professional ManagerManufacturing leadership (new vision in contemporary management thought change)
      Personal skills and human self managementDevelop the skills to negotiate with suppliers
      Management in a multicultural environmentEvaluation of institutional performance
      Rendering and presentation skills for managersEffective negotiation skills
      Administrative authorization and development of second gradeEffective guidance for outstanding performance and team leadership skills
      Capacity-building and strengthening of institutional loyaltyInnovative leadership and self oriented teaming
      Modern Manager and endogenous capacity-building Performance management
      How do you deal with othersMail and writing skills in the field of import and export freight
      Organizational culture and human resources management and administrativeBalanced Score Cards
      Self management and life and work (arts and skills)Develop essential skills to heads of departments
      Applying the concepts of 6sigma managementTrilateral strategic management directions (initiative / accomplishment / results)
      Organizational innovation strategies to achieve motivation and innovationSuccessful leadership in economic globalization
      Managing chaosStrategic decision making (making your decision before you make.)
      Behavioral management skills for engineers consultantsHow to shift from a supervisor to Manager (arts and skills)
      Human performance measurement tools HR Balanced ScorecardDeveloping the skills of managers and officials of Administrative Affairs
      Supervisory skills for new supervisorsNegotiating skills and concluding contracts with international institutions
      Second grade qualification as input for enterprise successDistinct middle-management skills (future leaders)
      Seven languages turning negatives into positivesThe art of dealing with crisis management and difficult situations
      Build effective teamsSupervisory management skills and goal setting
      Liberal management (rediscover based organizations)Performance management and career planning for contemporary
      Managing Director (delegate authority and empowerment)Administrative capacity building (foundations and tools)
      Excellence in stewardship and excellence in performanceHow to make an internal Charter strategy
      Management and leadership skills for professional managerChange management
      Training of trainersManage the available alternatives (how to set priorities and make decisions while working under pressure)
      Innovative and creative thinking skillsSelf development for future Manager
      Supervisory and leadership skills developmentInnovative leadership and its impact on team building
      How to be a successful project manager?Organizational culture building in accordance with international standards
      Leadership and supervision for production supervisors
      Liquidity management and financial change strategiesThe role of accounting in strategic decisions of enterprises
      Risk management of investment in securitiesPreparation of consolidated financial statements in the oil sector
      Financial reporting and writing in the oil and gas companiesRecent trends in audit and accounts examination/advanced level
      Recent trends of development of governmental accounting systemsTechniques for accounting and tax reporting
      Investment and the methods of evaluation and decision makingAdvanced strategies for developing efficient accountants and Auditors in accordance with international standards
      Documentary creditsRecent trends in governance and oversight-ERM
      Modern methods of asset valuation and financial restructuringFinancial analysis and prepare planning budgets in government institutions
      Financial analysis and strategic dimension of balanced performance evaluationCash flows and their importance in assessing the financial position of enterprises
      Income tax accounting applicationsThe inspection of finances and revenue collection
      Target costs (entrance system development budgets)Financing using methods and tools for the financial market
      Tax culture and developing the skills of tax researcherCorporate governance (internal audit strategies)
      Bad debts and doubtful and treatment and insuranceFinancial planning and control using budgets
      Sales tax (concepts and applications)Examination in order to detect fraud and manipulation in the accounts
      Management accounting for non-accountants, managersGovernmental accounting, auditing and financial reporting
      Industrial accountingFinancial accounting and investment management
      Human resources accounting and auditingApplied standard audit international disclosure
      Accounting problems and the role of international standards in their solutionRehabilitation cost control measurement and Secretaries to take strategic decisions
      Financial performance analysis of corporate investmentFinancial performance and development planning in accordance with international standards
      Developing the professional performance of the internal auditor and the financial reporting skillsDevelopment of accounting systems in economic units according to recent changes in international accounting standards
      Risk assessment and internal control internal and external auditPortfolio and performance evaluation of investment funds
      Skills development tax accounting in mergersAccounting and financial skills to increase Auditors entrants
      New tax lawReading and analysis of budgets to senior management
      International auditing standards and recent amendments haveCombat tax evasion and modern methods
      Developing accounting and financial skills of Auditors entrantsFundamentals and techniques and evaluate investment management
      Modern management of material procurement and warehousing in ministries and Government institutionsRecent trends in forecasting and financial analysis and interpretation of data
      Modern methods of auditing and financial controlModern techniques of financial analysis
      Financial planning and preparation of projected financial statementsClosing accounts and financial analysis
      Financial control and internal auditManagement accounting
      Industrial accounting in oil companiesAdvanced accounting of Accountants in financial departments
      Accounting for non-accountantsPrepare planning budgets
      Developing the skills of the internal auditorRaise the efficiency of Accountants in government departments
      Certified Financial ManagerThe art of presentation and drafting of financial reports
      International accounting standardsSkills for the preparation and presentation of financial reports
      International markets invasionSales Forcasting
      Services marketing strategies via telephoneRecent trends for outstanding performance in service delivery
      Integrated programme for the preparation of Marketing ManagerMarketing innovation and future industry
      Strategic marketingTelemarketer
      Marketing for non marketersNegotiate SPV
      CRMBanking and financial services marketing
      Evaluate competitorsDevelop the skills to plan and implement sales interviews
      Sales and marketing man skillsStudy of competition and open new markets
      Study of competition and open new markets, planning and management of advertising campaigns and sales activationArt and sales skills by phone
      How to keep your customer for lifeHow to handle your company's marketing problems of low efficiency
      How to prepare a marketing plan?Principles of marketing
      Internet skills in advertisingNon-vendors selling skills
      Customer relationship management (internal and external)Strategies to satisfy and delight customers
      Modern strategies for international marketing under the GATTInternational marketing (global principles and standards)
      Competitive negotiation and international clientElectronic Government
      Behavioral skills for supervisors of services and outstanding performance for serviceCustomer satisfaction strategy of total quality perspective (principles and procedures)
      Build and manage customer service teamInformation and communication technologies and their impact on improving performance catalog
      CALL CENTERIndustry market research and applications (how do you get the correct information for the successful resolution)
      The art of marketing for non marketersMeasurement and evaluation of efficiency of activity of marketing management
      How to study the market and evaluate your performance catalog?Telephone skills by international standards
      Marketing and sales skills and evaluate marketing activityThe strategic marketing (vision-implementation-evaluation)
      Effective regulation of administrative structuresPractical steps for restructuring
      Modern system to evaluate the performance of employees 360Preparation and qualification of workers in the management of training centres
      Streamline proceduresIdentifying training needs
      Job description and analysisDesign employment tests
      Evaluating job performanceEvaluating the performance of employees and effective use of systems of remuneration and incentives
      Developing the skills of human resources management specialistInventory and analysis and job descriptions
      The Egyptian labor law # 12/2003Measure and evaluate the ROI of training
      How to organize the allocation of responsibilitiesInterviewing skills and job analysis
      Contract management skills and negotiating strategiesHuman resources management (scientific foundations/automated applications/future directions)
      Management training sector and regulation in electronicPreparation of the operational plan and identify training needs and programme coordination
      Scientific basis for addressing training problems (Creative Portal)Electronic management in personnel management and personnel
      Dealing with complaints and grievances and job safetyThe case for integrated training and development training and development managers
      Modern methods for career planning and raising the efficiency of employeesEfficiency and effectiveness in the performance of distance training
      Global standards in recruitment and selection, hiring and career planningThe modern approach to organizing and managing training and development
      Advanced skills for managers human resources managementIntegrated systems for training and human resource development in the changing situations
      Human resource management and human relationsPersonnel management and career development (Creative Portal)
      Management and planning of the training activity and determine training needsIdentify training needs and measuring ROI of training (mechanisms and applications)
      Career planning and performance evaluation of employeesDevelop working systems and streamline procedures electronically
      Assessment and management of wage structures and incentivesHiring process (planning assignment check polarity) according to international standards
      The effectiveness of training and training needs for the future and evaluate ROI of trainingPlanning and development and human resources development
      How to be a Professional Trainer
      Project implementation controlWorkforce management for construction projects
      Project risk managementPreparation of bidding in project management
      Preparing and drafting technical reportsFeasibility study and evaluation of projects
      How to prepare a marketing feasibility study for smallManage orders and claims and disputes in construction projects
      Construction project management and ContractingManagement and leadership and project planning
      Recent trends in managing and evaluating government projectsAdvanced techniques in operating pipelines and control
      Real estate investing (fundamentals and concepts and applications)Chemical corrosion in industry
      Urban planning (principles and standards)Controlling projects and manage a successful work team
      Predictive maintenance and machine control systemsRegular maintenance of the air conditioner and cooling in buildings
      Preventive and predictive maintenance (procedures, criteria and standards)Maintenance and transport planning for engineers and technicians
      Modern ways of building maintenance internally and externallyModern ways to address various water sources and their uses
      Engineering contracts (management, technical and legal aspects)Entrepreneurial and leadership skills for small businesses
      Value engineeringAnalysis and fault diagnosis for mechanical systems in industry
      Operation and maintenance of sewage treatment plantsModern construction designs for buildings
      Concrete technology and non-conventional facilitiesDeveloping the skills of operating and monitoring officials
      Maintenance of electrical networksMaintenance of electrical transformers and cutouts
      Economic evaluation and comparison methods for investment projectsReal estate evaluation methods and techniques
      Management and service in the food and beverage sectorPower transformers (power on / protection / maintenance)
      Salt water treatment in industrial and petroleum
      Security management of information systemsModern methods for safety in the workplace
      Methodological bases in the planning and management of secure facilitiesModern mechanisms in the main operating room management during security crises
      Safety and security in vital installations (methods and applications)Technological applications in security operations management
      Professional development for health system quality of serviceModern methods of inspection on food and drink
      The contemporary perspective to train security officersSafety procedures in the storage and transportation of petroleum products
      Set up security and education vital installationsIndustrial safety measures (action plans)
      Leadership skills and security supervisionOccupational health and safety and security
      Secrity OfficersHSE occupational safety and health
      Defensive driving and first aid for road accidentsPrevention of risks and accidents at work
      Guard vital installations and secure systemsIndustrial security and safety management
      Methods of measuring and assessing the level of safety and risks of the working environment
      Effective management of purchasesEffective management of procurement and stores
      The need for inventory and address the irregularities and OverstockInventory control CNC
      Modern methods of management of procurement and stores and dealing with suppliersWarehouse management according to the specifications of ISO 9000
      Overstock managementPurchasing and supply work in hospitals and treatment centers
      The inventory management methods and disposing of idleThe art of managing tenders and contracts
      Modern management of material procurement and warehousing in ministries and Government institutionsEffective management of procurement and stores electronically
      Strategic planning for purchaseExcellence in procurement and tendering and Contracting
      Inventory control and actual warehouses (inventory and inspection)Global standards and quality management systems in procurement
      Study skills and writing contracts for non-specialistsSkills inventory management officials
      Ways and methods of procurement systems automation under electronic commerceThe procurement system (correspondence / engagements / alvdik)
      Automation of inventory classificationEngineering and technology warehouse management and quality systems
      The art of managing and strengthening relationships for successful SecretaryExecutive secretarial and Office management programs
      Executive secretarial skills and office managersDeveloping the skills of managers of the senior management offices
      Developing the skills of staffOutstanding performance in modern secretarial
      Modern management in Office work and information technologyExcellence in administrative secretarial
      Documentation and electronic archiveDocumentary courses and postal correspondence
      Preparation and education leaders and Ministers ' offices directors and managersSpecialized skills and humanitarian development Administrative Assistant
      Archiving and indexing and organization using modern technology.Secretarial and Office Management (modern skills and techniques)
      Secretarial and Office management architecture modern
      Manage and control pollution protectionMethods and ways of fresh and preserved food inspection (quality standards)
      Modern methods of quality management and productivityOutstanding performance for international quality standards services supervisors
      Pollution surveillance and environmental planningMethods of implementing effective quality systems international specifications
      Non-performance and quality development methodology and Six Sigma toolsAssessing the environmental payoff for development projects
      SAFTY Environmental Statistical methods and techniques for quality control
      Improvement and quality controlApplication of TQM in the oil and gas industry PC ISO/TS 29001
      Application of overall quality in the automotive industry ISO/TS 16040Application of total quality management systems and ISO 20000 information technology
      Quality management system ISO 9001 "Introduction"
      Effective media campaigns during crisisOrganizing conferences and exhibitions
      The role of public relations in organizing exhibitionsThe art of ceremony and Protocol
      Prepare, edit and present media programmesContemporary strategies of public relations and public opinion, measurements
      Modernization and development of public relations and art dealing with customersElectronic public relations
      Public relations and integrated marketing communicationsPublic relations and communication skills persuasive influence on public opinion
      The diplomatic skills of public relations officialsApplications in art and etiquette and Protocol deal with important personalities
      Developing the skills of Webmaster services and public relationsEtiquette and its impact in marketing
      The art of performance excellence in media and public relationsEffective communication and information systems during crises and disasters
      Recent trends in commercial contracts and legal formulationAdvanced procedures in administrative investigations
      Legal requirements for contracts and arbitrationConcepts and foundations non-legal acts
      Intellectual property and judicialModern skills in preparation of management contracts and avoid mistakes
      The actual relationship between the legislative and executive authorityImplementation and problem solving during the contract
      Conclusion of agreements and contracts related to the oil and gas industry
      Social insurance for your businessTakaful (foundations and concepts)
      Insurance supervision and methods of detecting fraud in insurance companiesThe origins of social security system
      Information technology applications in planning and evaluating government projectsArts and skills of performance excellence through information systems
      How to establish a system of information in your organizationManagement information systems and support for resolution
      Preparation and effective plant production managerTools and methods to maximize productivity and cost reduction
      Tools and methods of production planning and schedulingProduction planning in the light of the criteria and global variables
      Planning and management of production and maintenance workshopsProduction management and total quality culture
      Modern strategies in export development and measure the effectiveness of exportGeneral equilibrium and economic performance measurement and its applications
      Total productive maintenance for projects and facilities

      Full-stack Web Developer

      Complete full stack web development course drives you from absolute beginner to professional web app developer.

      The course covers Four main areas:

      • Web Designer
      • Front End Developer
      • Back End Developer
      • Web Server Administration

      Appreciation Letters