Products & Services

GTS Instrumentation and control automation solutions and services go far beyond meeting your immediate needs for application or equipment repair.
GTS takes a long-term, holistic approach to determine your facility and operational needs and develop a strategy for improving the performance of your people, systems, and processes.


  • Distributed control systems DCS.
  • Network-based Control Systems.
  • Emergency shutdown systems and Fire & Gas systems.
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s).
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA).
  • Machinery and Production line automated solutions.
  • Telemetry systems.
  • Radar Tank Gauging System (RTG).
  • Retail Fuel station automatic tank gauging.
  • Retail Fuel Stations Dispensers.
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring system (CEMS).
  • Boiler managing system (BMS).
  • Wellhead Control system.
  • Flare stack ignition system.

Engineering Services

  • DCS, ESD, FGS & PLC’s control systems.
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition systems SCADA.
  • Instrumentation Detail Engineering.
  • Electrical systems Detail Engineering.
  • Revamping and Reverse engineering.
  • Power Monitoring and Interface Systems.
  • Vibration Monitoring Systems.

Products & Services